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What's An OG Joe’s Pub VIP who’s been a member of the family since the very beginning, Julian Fleisher is a pillar of New York’s downtown performance scene who’s been mixing his unique blend of pop, jazz, rock, and soul for audiences from Lincoln Center to the East Village’s storied Starlight Bar and Lounge. A restless creative spirit who is equally at home in a musical, a recording studio, or on the stage of a nightclub, Julian doesn’t care a fig about genre, era, or any other category that keeps great songs well-sung from being shared lustily among contenting adults. From Porter to Prince, Gershwin to Ga-Ga, from Joni to Janet, and  Berlin to Beyoncé, if it swings it sings. With an assist from his barn-burning Rather Big Band — who the Washington Post accused of “blowing the roof off of Joe’s Pub” — Julian will tear through a set of songs both new and familiar that examine that feeling we call “Love” from every possible angle — bottom to top. 

A favorite collaborator who has shared the stage with everyone from Kenny Mellman and Justin Vivian Bond to Molly Ringwald, Mo Rocca, Justin Elizabeth Sayre, Nellie McKay, Jennifer Holliday, Bridget Everett, Martha Plimpton, Amber Martin, C. C. White, Nathan Lee Graham, Isaac Mizrahi, and many more, Julian will be joined this time by partner-in-crime Ana Gasteyer who’ll preview some of the songs from her upcoming album (which Julian produced), Sugar and Booze. Julian’s been described as a “Downtown nightclub supernova” by the LA Times, producing “smart, genre-busting pop” by The New York Times Magazine and able to “get away with anything” by the mysterious star-chamber that is the iTunes editorial staff. Join him for this one-night-only, all-out, all-in, all-inclusive celebration of Love On Top.this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Three for Nothing with Pete Smith on Gutiar

August 30, 2019

Back by popular demand! A veteran of many productions at FSC and last season’s sold-out hit of the summer, Julian is back and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  A restless creative spirit who doesn’t care a fig about genre, era or any other category that keeps great songs from being shared among willing participants from Porter to Prince, from Gershwin to GaGa. Julian’s motto is: if it swings it sings. With an assist from equally versatile guitar virtuoso, Phoenicia’s own Pete Smith, Julian and a rotating roster of special guests return to FSC for what is quickly becoming an unmissable annual tradition: An evening of song with Julian Fleisher and Friends.

Previous Shows

The 5 Senses Festival by Pilobolus

July 27, 2019

Last year, Julian opened the first-ever Five Senses Festival by throwing a barn-burning concert with his consort, Lady Rizzo. This year, the ante gets upped as Pilobolus, the intrepid dance company behind the festival, has invited Julian back to curate a two-day mini-fest withing a fest: The Five Senses Festival of Song. Devoted to the proposition that all songs are sacred, the festival will bring together performers, composers, writers, thinkers -- and even one courageous chef -- to dig deeply into the question of what songs are, where they come from and why they matter so much. As Julian likes to say: "All churches have songs. All songs should have a church". Services begin Saturday, July 27th. Click below for reservations.

Julian Fleisher and his Intense Gays

July 11, 2019

Singer, comedian, TV star and now club owner Lea DeLaria has opened a fabulous new Jazz club in Provincetown, Mass and the cape may never be the same! The first Summer season of The Club includes an amazing roster of killer talent and Julian is no exception. Appearing with his new band -- his Intense Gays -- Julian will preside over the room that presides over the harbor from Jul 11 - 14th. After Rosie O'Donnell and before Justin Vivian Bond. This is the venue that P-town has been waiting for!

January 22, 2019

What's this item about? What makeJulian Fleisher “is one of New York’s treasured talents” (Culture Craver), a “Manhattan nightclub supernova” (The LA Times), who “can get away with anything” (iTunes), with a band that “blows the roof off of Joe’s Pub” (The Washington Post) singing “smart, genre-busting pop” (New York Times Magazine) and whose “headlong enthusiasm is hard to resist!” (The NY Post). An OG Joe’s Pub VIP, Julian continues his current crusade to save the world with song, asking not what he can do for his audience but what his audience can do for itself. “Come Together” combines Fleisher’s signature, barn-burning covers of contemporary classics, with original tunes meant to illuminate the spaces where change, love, loss and humor overlap with his evangelical belief that the room that sings together, clings together. Join him, your tablemates and his legendary band of ten insanely gifted musicians for an evening of Joni, John, George and Julian; Prince, Pink, Porter and Wonder. Call-and-response, back-up vocals, sing-alongs and more! You are the special guest at this one-night-only celebration of getting it together...together.s it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Have you made your New Year's Resolution? Good. Bring it with you for this special Low-Rez edition of New York's hometown variety bash. Julian will ring in 2019 with special guests Michael Longoria, Eman El-Husseini and Lucy Wainwright Roche -- and you can't really ask for much more than that! Well, maybe you can. But you shouldn't! Just pull those 15 bucks together from between whatever pillows you got and join us this Friday at 7!

44 Charlton: Christmas Edition

December 07, 2018

It's Christmastime in the city! 44 Charlton -- the only variety show of, by and for the raucous rumpus room that is NYC -- is ringing in mucho cheeros with host Julian Fleisher's Rather Big Band and special guest, Ana Gasteyer. Prehaps you haven't heard that the veteran star of SNL, Mean Girls, Lady Dynamite and People of Earth is also a goddamn great singer with hard nut for the Season of Giving. And she will give until it hurts, people. So get on down to a stone soul Christmas at WNYC and WQXR's Greene Space at, um 44 Charlton Street and prepare to be nogged out!

If you thought Season 2 was awesome, well step back and give a girl some room!  Here comes Season 3! The dopest variety show from the dopest live performance venue from the dopest flagship radio station of the dopest city in the whole messed-up US of A, is here again for you, by you, of you and with you! Join Nellie McKay, Becca O,Neil, Witness Relocation and LubDub Theater Company as they launch the biggest cruise ship in herstory into the Hudson River of Posterity.

If you're one of them there fortunate souls who gets to spend time in the enchated forest that is the Western Catskill Mountains — but you're hankering for hunk of happy harmonies — then your long regional nightmare is over. I'll be bringing my band to the fabulous Franklin Stage Company for 2 free concerts, the first weekend in August. Glorious Chapel Hall, a towering former Masonic Hall in the centers of this bucholic town in stunning Delaware County. Join us!

The seminal dance company Pilobolus, whose signature moves defined an era, are expanding their horizons and want you to do the same. The Five Senses Festival is an attempt to gather together artists, thinkers, musicians, dancers, makers (and fabulous combinations of all of these) into one glorious attempt to rediscover the pleasure of connecting to others in a setting that greases all the right rails. Juilan and the dazzling Lady Rizo will open the festival with a set of songs devoted to Nature, Color and Animals. I mean, how can you go wrong? 

Sun Songs! Relight your fire with Julian Fleisher and his rather big band as they sing a set of songs that celebrate the Sun. Dark times call for bright music. Hosted by the luminous Justin Vivian Bond. Join us.

January 26, 2018

What venue but the Harvard of the 21st Century to argue the importance of this most fabulous of years in the history of American popular music. But don't worry! This is no lecture or graduate seminar. No, barn-burning arrangements of songs by the likes of Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder and others are the exhibits in this evidence-based symposium on the subject of songs that shaped the world. Class is in session.

Charlton Season 2, Episode 3

December 01, 2017

If you thought Episode 2 was awesome, well step back and give a girl some room! The dopest variety show from the dopest live performance venue from the dopest flagship radio station of the dopest city in the whole messed-up US of A, is here again for you, by you, of you and with you!


Get it!

January 05, 2018

44 Charlton, the gift that keeps on giving, gives again! 

Hotel California

December 12, 2017

All the songs a big band shouldn't play. Played by a big band.

As the Washington Post said: "Fleisher is a not-exactly- lounge singer who does brainy, oddly tilted versions of such unlikely pop tunes as “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “For What It’s Worth” (yes, I mean the Stephen Stills song about the man with the gun over there telling me I’ve got to beware), backed by a slick 11-piece group that blew the roof offJoe’s Pub…I’m definitely coming back for another try, and probably another one after that. I like smart music, and Julian Fleisher is way smart."

44 Charlton Season 2, Episode 2

December 01, 2017

If you thought Episode 1 was awesome, well step back and give a girl some room! The dopest variety show from the dopest live performance venue from the dopest flagship radio station of the dopest city in the whole messed-up US of A, is here again for you, by you and of you. Get it!

Songs for Justice: The Rikki Fleisher Fund

December 09, 2017

After their mother's death in 2012, Julian and his sister Paula formed the Rikki Fleisher Fund at The Public Justice Center in Baltimore to honor and expand her lifetime commitment to racial, social and economic justice. Julian will be joined by his band, his father, legendary concert pianist Leon Fleisher as well as some very special guests. This concert may be free, but it is a fundraiser, so bring money.

Julian Fleisher: Christmas in December!

December 12, 2017

You don't have to get in the habit to get in the habit. Christmas is for everyone! Join, Julian and a host of eager elves as they turn the holidays inside out from the outside in. Astonishing list of special guests, TBA. See you soon, Rudolph! (PS: Ignore that image. It's from last year. New art coming soon!)

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November 09, 2017

Sun Songs at Joe's Pub

Lance Horne, Molly Pope and Julian's awesome band round out an evening of tunes that twinkle. It's a group effort tonight good people of the planet. Let's take back the night, Sunshine style. 

September 28, 2019

Pop Music with Special Guest Martha Plimpton

A long time ago in a nighclub far, far away...


Martha and Julian had an act. And, if fact, that act was packed. That's just the facts. About that act:

"Intoxicating...Fleisher and Plimpton make an irresistible team, with unerring chemistry, obvious regard and fabulous voices, her delicate belt a perfect fit with his soaring instrument...a triumph of intimate spontaneity." —The LA Times

"For once, the publicity is accurate...they play off each other with reckless, almost magical precision!" — LA Weekly

"They captivate the audience." — Hollywood Reporter

Another fact: that act is back. To be exact, just slightly jacked. For the first time in more than a decade, the stars have aligned to bring Martha, Julian, his band — Tedd Firth, Matt Clohesy, Dave Berger AND (for the first time since he left for LA) vibraphonic mastermind Nick Mancini — together again for another crack. At the act. Fact.

Please join them all on Thursday, September 28th at 9:30 at Joe's Pub

June 27, 2017

Julian Fleisher in Concert: 1975

Saratoga's Putnam Den in is the racking venue for this roof-raising survey of the best songs, from the best year in pop music. With his full Rather Big Band behind him, Julian takes the audience to church and the gospel is the music of the 70s. Baby, we were born to run!

March 23, 2017

Julian and Leon Fleisher in Concert at Lincoln Center

Pianist, pedagogue, and Kennedy Center Honoree Leon Fleisher is one of the greatest classical musicians of our time. His son, Julian, is a singer, songwriter, and pillar of the downtown New York theater and music scenes, alongside friends like Justin Vivian Bond, Kiki & Herb, Ana Gasteyer, and Gabriel Kahane. The younger Fleisher’s shows, often performed with his Rather Big Band, are famous for cutting across a vast swath of popular song with brio. Tonight, father and son continue a moving musical dialogue that they began with their critically acclaimed first public performance together at The Public Theater in 2015.

April 24, 2017

Ella, Eternal: A Centenary Celebration

Our love for Ella Fitzgerald literally knows no bounds. No one did more with their life to preserve and sanctify the American pop music than did Ella. It's conceivable that without her, there would be no "Great American Songbook". She is the source, the archive, the oracle. If you want to know how a song is meant to sound, simply turn to Ella. Furthermore, her life story reads like something from Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" — if it were being sung by the most beautiful voice you'd ever heard: Ella's.

With her honest, effortless and supernatural capacity to channel the essence of a song, Ella Fitzgerald gave everyone else permission to explore, explode and experiment. And she did so with an elan, purpose, joy and style that are unmistakable and unmatched. She's the Rosetta Stone of pop music.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ella's birth with host and unreconstructed Ella fanatic Julian Fleisher, genuine jazz giant Dee Dee Bridgewater, cabaret legend Marilyn Maye, the Harlem School for the Art's Dorothy Maynor Singers and keyboard phenom Tedd Firth, this Monday night, April 24th at WNYC and WQXR's Greene Space. There will be song, story and celebration to honor the spirit of perhaps the greatest of the great: The Eternal Ella Fitzgerald. 

January 19, 2017

The Fall of Julian Fleisher: 1975 Redux

There never was a better year in pop music. Let us prove it to you.

December 21, 2016

The Fall of Julian Fleisher: Christmas in December!

Get on down to a stone soul Christmas, sexy people!

November 22, 2016

The Fall of Julian Fleisher: Measure of Success in Concert

The Fall of Julian Fleisher, an autumn residency at Joe's Pub continues on Tuesday, November 22nd with a full concert of the songs from "Measure of Success" a new musical with book by Kirsten Guenther, music and lyrics by Julian Fleisher. Songs from this baby have been sneaking their way in to gigs and concerts for a while now and the time has come for a full hearing. Featuring a stunning cast of New York's finest, this one-time-only event will collect and render the entire "MOS" score under one roof for the first time. Volume I of The Fall of Julian Fleisher, 1975, sold out rather promptly. Tickets for Volume II, Measure of Success, are available here.

December 02, 2016

44 Charlton Season 1 Episode 6

44 Charlton, the gift that keeps on giving, gives again! 

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