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The next big sheaux!

Pop Music! All of it!

Martha Plimpton is Julian's special guest this month. Years ago they had an LA act that killed the people night after night. As the LA Times proclaimed: "Intoxicating...Fleisher and Plimpton make an irresistible team,with unerring chemistry,obvious regard and fabulous voices,her delicate belt a perfect fit with his soaring instrument...a triumph of intimate spontaneity."

For the first time in a decade, these two monkeys reunite in an attempt to relight the little fire that once burned to bright. This includes a rare appearance by their erstwhile MD, vibraphone monster, Nick Mancini. You read that right. The guy with the face and the mallets and the thing with the thing by the place where we went that time is in town for one night and we got him too!

Please don't let this opportunity pass you by! Get your tickets here and now!

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